Impossible to keep bluetooth connection on OSX Yosemite 10.10.1



I have pass several hours trying different solutions to be able to use MuseLab with Muse.

I pair the muse, then the connection drop and come back all the time.

The muse-io will always work for 5-10 seconds before dropping.

I have tried different combination of timing to start muse-io and different muse-io setting following all the other corresponding thread on this forum like this one…

I have read several threads concerning bluetooth connection problem with Yosemite but I have tried also on another Mac using Maverick and the device disconnect also in the OSX bluetooth interface.

My Android phone connect and disconnect also on my computer giving me the hint that it might be the OS.

The Muse is working flawlessly on my IPad and Android phone.

I bought this device to develop and may return it if I can make it work for that purpose.

The Bluetooth Usb Dongle seem like the only remaining option. But will it overrides the Yosemite actual problem if it’s the case ?

Any help would be much appreciated, and I’ll be happy to give more informations if needed !

Thank you in advance !



Hi Yanic,

Thanks for the report. Yes, trying a USB Bluetooth dongle is a sensible next step. Have you tried that yet?

I think since you’re using a very recent version of Mac OS X, the Bluetooth handoff stuff should work.


Of our recommended dongles for Windows, based on a quick check, it looks like these two work on a Mac running Yosemite:

  • [SIZE=2]Kinivo BTD-400[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=2]ASUS USB BT-400 [/SIZE]


Hello Tom !

I’ve just received this dongle and it’s seem to keep the connection.

I’ll test it further tonight but I’ve count one minute without dropout instead of the previous 5 sec.

I’ve noticed that to keep the connection on Maverick, muse-io must be run counting ruffly 10sec, after that, it’s write disconnected on the bluetooth OS screen.

Thank you !


Has there been any response from the folks at Interaxon on this issue. I’m having the same problem… which is odd, because it just started doing this about a week or so ago. Was there an update pushed out for Yosemite that might have caused it?

Many thanks


Thank you, Interaxon folks who replied to me via email. Yes, I have experienced issues with my iPhone and Calm as well. Either dropping the bluetooth connection repeatedly and so on - which paradoxically does not assist in finding a calm state of mind :wink:

My main annoyance at this moment however, is that I cannot seem to get the Muse to stay connected to my MacBook Pro via the Bluetooth connection. It pairs, says it is connected and then drops the connection. Then will not reconnect, unless I re-pair it, but then it drops it again. Bleah, I say.

Calm is a cute program - but it is not anywhere near sufficient for what I’m looking for. The kind of meditation that Calm is looking for and encouraging is wonderful - and I sincerely hope that many people hook into it because that kind of practice will do wonders for them and the world. For those of us who have been around the block a few times on our cushions, we need something with a bit more depth, flexibility and real, meaty (brainy) feedback.

Being able to have a functioning home-quality EEG to access in my practice - fricking amazing. Not having or being able to build the tools to really take advantage of this power is a real tease :slight_smile:

Maybe this isn’t the best place for my little soapbox moment - but I truly hope that there is plans to expand the out-of-the-box offering for Muse. I hereby offer my own experience and associated human-power to the cause, if I can be useful in any way :slight_smile:

Loving friendliness all around. xxo.



Regarding the Bluetooth connection on your Macbook, have you tried using an external USB Bluetooth dongle? We have some suggested dongles listed on our developer site:…ware/bluetooth

Can you clarify this statement?

I’ve noticed that to keep the connection on Maverick, muse-io must be run counting ruffly 10sec, after that, it’s write disconnected on the bluetooth OS screen.


Hey, we had what appears to be the same problem and it was fixed by unpairing all bluetooth devices from the bluetooth preferences (clicking the x that appears next to the list item when you hover over it). Could be the other devices in the vicinity were somehow shouting over the muse. Hope this helps!


Thought I would post an update here in case anyone comes across this thread via Googling:

If you are experiencing Bluetooth pairing and/or connecting issues with Muse on a Macbook, [B]make sure you have the latest firmware. [/B]

Firmware version 7.8.0 and above should resolve certain Bluetooth issues.

At the time of writing this post (September 9, 2015), the latest firmware is available exclusively through the Muse iOS app. Simply pair Muse with an iOS device, open the app, start a session, and you will be prompted to update if necessary.