Improve signal quality using conductive electrode gel


I am wondering if it’s possible to get a better quality EEG signal by applying some conductive gel on the MUSE electrodes, have someone tried and saw the difference? I remember reading (can’t find where) someone advising to wet the electrodes with water for a better skin adhesion. It makes sense since the electrodes can easily lose contact with the skin in some particular head/face shapes. My doubt is whether that influence the signal itself.

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Yes! I use the electrode gel behind my ears because that is where it always loses connection. I got a bunch of tubes from Amazon pretty cheap

dear zengirl7
could you please share more info like a link? It is very interesting your experiment?

is it something like that?

soklamon…I haven’t used that brand before. This is what I bought. It’s 5 tubes which will last me a long time but I meditate 30 minutes - 1.5 hours a day.

Okay good news that the connection gets better, but did you see any improvements in the quality of the signal?

I sure did get a better signal. Muse Support told me the session results depend on a good calibration, so how can you get a good session if your calibration is interrupted and you are worrying about the signal. It definitely helps and its worth investing the small amount on conductive gel.