In max msp, udpreceive data is not come in like

udp works well in muselab.

but in max msp, data is not come in. like

help me TT

I hope you get this working. I have been working on getting the same thing done but am a novice with Max… so I am hoping someone with more Max experience can get good results.

Are you using MusePlayer to get the data to Max?

Also, 2014 or 2016 headband?

THANKS and best of luck. Plz keep me posted.

I use Muse 2016 + Muse Monitor iOS app with Max in this way

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I am having the same issue. I’m running Windows 10 (64 bit). I can receive the data in Muse Lab. When I forward it to Max I receive a steady stream of zeros for every address. I see the same behavior when I receive upd directly in Max (from Muse Direct,

Same here, only 0.000 from Muse Direct, but no problem at all with Muse Monitor on Android.

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Did anyone get this issue with the zero numbers coming through to Max/MSP resolve?
If so could you please let me know how you did it?
Thank you

I never resolved this. I ended up using an old MindWave instead.
I would love to get this working though.

Any updates on this?

Hello All,

I found that the problem is that Max/MSP UDPReceive object does not accept double float values. The muse headband sends out only double float values.
A work around would be to convert the double-float values from the headset to float values before sending them to the UDPReceive object in Max/MSP.

You may have to use a program like Processing to receive the Muse headband values convert them to float values and send them out to the Max/MSP program.

The UDPReceive object works fine for me.

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