Increased Noise with Prolonged Use


I am using the headset with different individuals, so I am wiping down the Muse with alcohol wipes between uses. However, I am noticing that with prolonged use, the Muse is becoming uncharacteristically noisy.

Could anyone address this issue? Is it due to alcohol wipes, and if so, how many uses can we get out of one headset before moving on to a new one?



I’ve had two 2016 headbands that stopped working, one of which I had been using for only two months. I sent the second one back to Interaxon’s office in Toronto so that they could look at it, and here is their response:

To provide an update: my colleague Marta in our hardware department has finished testing your returned unit. She found that the sudden problem was being caused by the frequency with which the flex (the sensor strip at the front of the headband) was being cleaned. She attached a new flex, which fixed the issue.

As a result, I would emphasize trying not to clean your replacement headband too often or too vigorously. A gentle wipe with alcohol once every 10 sessions or so should be perfectly sufficient.

I had been cleaning the headbands with alcohol wipes after every session. In both cases, though, the failures didn’t appear to be gradual – they just suddenly stopped working.

how many uses can we get out of one headset

FWIW, they sent me a replacement headband five months ago, and I’ve been using it every day without any problems.


Alcohol is a solvent and depending on the type, can be quite destructive to plastic, even if you use isopropyl alcohol. So I don’t think I’d recommend using that at all unless you’ve got some stubborn stains to get off.

Personally, I’ve only ever cleaned my Muse with a damp cloth and it’s been working great for the last two years.


Did your headband stop transmitting altogether? I’ve been finding that for whatever reason the EEG signals we’ve been collecting have been noisier as of late, however, it is still picking up activity (ie if I tap on one electrode, I see corresponding change in signal).

That was really helpful, thanks :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, since I am using the headset with different participants I have to wipe it down with alcohol wipes between different individuals.


Yes, except for the battery level – that was still being picked up by the app, but the app was showing no signal at all for any of the headband sensors. That was the case with both headbands.

I just checked, and there was no drop-off in session scores in the weeks prior to the headbands failing.

AFAIK, there’s no way to test for sensor wear. I would contact Interaxon’s customer support and see if they can help.


Hi Enigma,

The headband’s forehead sensors are coated with silver. Back in May, during my email exchange with Interaxon about the second failed headband, they wrote:

However it could be due to the frequency with which you are cleaning your headband; doing so too often can cause the silver to tarnish slightly which can impede signal quality. In this case, we recommend you use silver polish on the sensors…

After a few more emails, they determined that silver polish would not have helped with that specific headband.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, though. I don’t know of the effects of cleaning silver-coated sensors with isopropyl alcohol vs. cleaning them with water.


That’s interesting to know. Regarding the alcohol, I wasn’t thinking specifically about the sensor pads, so much as the whole sensor strip, as it seems to be coated in some kind of plastic.