Install tools on linux


Product: Linux tools, muse 2014
Platform: Ubuntu 16.04, KDE Neon

Description: It is not possible to install the research tools. Downloading the installation file works, but installation fails.

Expected behaviour: proper installation

Actual behaviour: does nothing - not even an error message.

Steps to reproduce:
open Terminal
go to download folder
type: chmod +x
type: ./

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you.


Same issue here.

Have you found a solution?


Thanx for the detailed description.
I have the same issue on Ubuntu 16.04


is the problem solved? I have the same issue…


I have same problem…I am using 64bit Ubuntu, if it was 32bit, Linux tools works?


I am having the same problem. I am working on a project for school and really really need to get this up and running! Is there a solution yet or is there a workaround of some kind that you guys can provide?? Does intelliPi work? It appears to be way more complicated than the other strategies and I don’t want to commit the time into building it without the assurnace that it will work since the learning curve is much steeper. I many need to purchase from another company since it appears that a lot of the developers forum has been abandoned by you guys. I realize your’re launching a new product, but c’mon.


I was able to get the installer to work with the above commands. But unable to access the actual tools.


same here, nothing happens on ubuntu 18.04


same here, nothing happened on arch linux 5.0.0