IntelliPi Tutorial online (Muse + Raspberry Pi)


Hello everyone,

We finally published our code along with a tutorial on how to use it.

System setup is here:

And then you can learn how to make a simple neuro-feedback device, that uses a piezo-buzzer to guide you in manipulating your alpha wave.

The project is still in development, lot more to come. We’ll be very incline to provide you with any help if you meet any problem running through the tutorial.

all the best,


Hi Fred

WOW! You’ve written some great code for using Muse headband on Raspberry Pi. I’ve hacked your MindBox example just to see if I could turn on a single LED since I don’t have all the hardware you do. And it Worked! Thanks.
One question though - why do you use OpenWRT? Why not Raspbian which is what I’m using. I find it much easier to do all my work directly on the Pi. I’m using a Pi 2 by the way.



Hi John,

Thank you, I’m glad you like our platform. You should take a look at the Braintone its a simpler application and it’s up-to-date - the mindbox has been left aside lately and hasn’t kept up with some major changes.

We are using OpenWRT because it’s a slimmer embedded Linux distribution and we plan so that we can eventually develop custom hardware. The data_interface/preprocessing and application however are flexible and can be run on any Linux system. I use stub files for WirinPi when I want to run the application on my x86/x64, but I need to write a wiki entry for that. We eventually plan on packaging these apps so that they can be apt-get installed, but we are lacking the time to do it.

We have a slack channel dedicated to the intellipi on
You can join through:


I’ve tried your braintone app, on Raspbian, but cannot get it to work.
During training I get several invalid eye blink frames and the braintone process exits.
It seems like the first non-blink frame enters the function get_peak_from_channels() and the braintone app exits with status code 135.
SIGBUS {si_signo=SIGBUS, si_code=BUS_ADRALN, si_addr=0x76fd6029}
The 2 other processes (interface and preprocessing) continue until I kill them.

​Any ideas?


Hi Selmys,

Sorry, I have come around in quite a while. We add an issue with Braintone for a while. When we added a struct to carry information about the frame, we created a byte misalignment problem. It is now resolved. You should post this type of question as an issue on the git.


Hi atom2626, I would like to join your slack channel. Can you please invite me on


I’m new in the forum and I found your post very interesting beacuse it is exactly what i’m trying to do. I want to you know that i’m new in raspberry pi environment, so i have some questions that i hope you could help me.

If i have installed raspbian in my raspberry, is it possible to run your example? I know that maybe it’s a very simple question but i hope you could help me.


HI selmys.

I’m working in something very similar with it… You have already turn on a LED with MUSE and Raspberry. Could you please help me with some information? Do you only use the code in published in here?



Hi Atom,

I am looking to get access to the slack channel for IntelliPi.