Interest in a compiled version of open-source EEGLAB on Linux?


I’ve been looking into EEGLAB recently as a way to visualize and analyze data gathered from Muse:

I wanted to see if there was interest on this forum in getting the compiled version of EEGLAB built on Linux. Although EEGLAB itself is open source, it depends on MATLAB which is proprietary. There is a way to generate a compiled version of EEGLAB which can run with the freely redistributable MATLAB run-time environment. The developers released a compiled version for Windows many years ago, but it hasn’t been updated due to time constraints with testing.

I asked the EEGLAB developers whether we could get a compiled version of EEGLAB generated for Linux, and was told that if they got more than 10 requests, they would look into it and probably release a new compiled version next month.

If you are interested, email with the platform you would like to see EEGLAB compiled with, and the plugins/extensions you would like to see included at compile time (plugins cannot be added after the program is compiled).