Interesting brain waves

I have been using Muse 2 for over 100 sessions. I mix it up between mind meditation with the rainforest sounds and guided meditation. Normally my mind meditation produces graphs that are spikey like the first part of the mind meditation on May 18 5:41 am or the calm graph on May 18 5:27 am. Some of the guided meditations use various visualization techniques and the graphs are spikey. Recently I have started to do my own guided meditation with the rainforest sounds with focus on very intense visualization and very shallow breathing. The results are the square waves on the May 18 5:41 am graph. The guided meditation on May 18 5:27 am. shows normal results. I have other graphs on different days that show the square waves and spikey waves. The square waves are reproducible if I do heavy visualization in mind meditation and return to spikey when I do normal mind mediation. I don’t seem to be losing Blue tooth contact because the graphs are continuous. The length of the meditation does not seem to be a factor since I have examples of short and long sessions with square wave graphs.

What is causing the square waves? Am I confusing the Muse 2 algorithm by prolonged visualization of the same subject because my mind does not wander? (I do get birds.)

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Those squares are strange! Above is a morning meditation of mine and I do the basic ‘follow the breath’ meditation but ive quickly realised that the spikes are indicators of stress hormones or Cortisol to be precise, my evening meditations are on average 88% calm as ive been doing it for 2 years.

Im new to Muse though and this issue with the stress spikes are an unconscious reading which has led me not to trust the Muse S device so ive been doing lots of testing. Basically my Muse device cannot detect what type of meditation im doing or even if im thinking, in the evening once im in the meditative state I can start thinking about anything and the readings stay the same, but that made me wonder if their is a difference between me thinking or the ‘monkey mind’ that over thinking voice that runs away, I don’t have that anymore after 2 years of practice.

Your results are strange though and its clear that your not very calm, perhaps this might be an area you could work on. If you are perfectly still and your bpm is 51 which is perfect then the other readings could only be from the breath (you say is shallow but is it normal flow? your not holding your breath are you?) and the brain. If its your brain then im wondering now if you too could be getting reading from a external condition, please try the same meditation at night, not when tired but maybe 2 hours before bed, see if the results change.

I look forward to seeing your findings

The problem is the same problem I’ve had with my Muse2 the last 3-4 days - there are not as many data points. There seems to be a bunch of lag, and the data is not collected as fast. So when each point is connected to the next point in the graph it looks like a square wave and not a spike. On mine, the countdown timer only updates once every 3-10 seconds. Perhaps there was a recent software update that makes everything lag.