Interfacing MUSE with Rasperry pi or Arduino


Hi there developers!

I’m trying to use the MUSE to control the level of intensity of a light. I have worked with bluetooth connected projects with Arduino but have my doubts on how to do that with the MUSE considering the amount of memory/data I’ll be receiving. With that said, has anyone interfaced the MUSE with the rasperry pi over bluetooth? The aim of the project is to not have a laptop or computer needed in the process whatsoever. Thanks for any feedback!


You need to write your own interface, take a look here:


Hi Deep321,

We do not currently have a build of the SDK that will run on an ARM-based computer like the Raspberry Pi. Our current Linux build is for x86. We may be able to put something together in the future which will run on the Raspberry Pi, but not at this point in time. We’ll let you know if we do via our developer site:…eveloper-site/

David is correct. For now you must implement your own interface that adheres to the Muse communication protocol outlined in our SDK documentation. Linux has pretty flexible Bluetooth tools available for it (see: bluez), so you should be able to automate pairing and everything, which is pretty neat!


Ahh Ok thanks guys. So are you suggesting I run linux on the Rasperrypi and go from there?


Typically people use some version of Linux on Raspberry Pi, yes. I’m sure it’s possible to program them without running a real OS, too, but that’s less common and probably not worth the effort for what you’re trying to achieve.

Like I said, you will have to implement the Muse communication protocol yourself, though (whether you use Linux or something else on the RPi), for the time being, as we do not have a build of the Muse SDK that is compatible with the RPi’s ARM architecture. You could avoid this by relaying the data from a more standard computer to the RPi, but as you stated in your first post, you want this to be sort of a standalone thing.


What about Arduino? Is there a way of serial communication between the muse headband and the Arduino?


The Arduino doesn’t have bluetooth built in, so you’d need to get something like this [] and use it to establish serial comms.


Hi, are you have now any decision for usage MUSE on Raspberry pi?


Both the Raspberry Pi and Arduino devices are computers. I would start with what you want to do with the Muse and then decide if you need the portability later.