Interpretation of the raw data of muse (2016) headset



Hello, I am using the muse 2016 headband for a major project. Using the python UDP server code, I was able to extract the raw data coming at a port, say 5000, The data that I’m receiving is of the following format: b’#bundle\x00\xe0\x17\xe7\x81\x85\xe3S\xf7\x00\x00\x00(/muse/eeg\x00\x00\x00,fffff\x00\x00\x7f\xc0\x00\x00DT\xa5\x82\x7f\xc0\x00\x00\x7f\xc0\x00\x00\x7f\xc0\x00\x00’
The data is sent my the muse monitor app to the PC. I don’t know how to interpret this data. Can somebody tell me how this can be done?


Here is Muse Monitor’s OSC data spec.
If you google “Python OSC Library” there are quite a few options. :slight_smile: