Interpreting Muse Monitor Results


I recently bought Muse monitor and my Q is this, the readings in MM, How do i interpret it?

For example

Time 1 - Delta TP9 1.433, Theta 1.011 Alpha 1.3 Beta .76 and Gamma .13
Time 2 - Delta TP9 1. 561 Theta 1.097 Alpha 1.505 Beta 0.861 and Gamma 0.299

I self calculated relative bands, and see that my delta wave is most dominant, followed by Alpha. My question is how do i interpret the “Absolute values” that i have shown above? E.g. Alpha score increasing from 1.3 to 1.5 - How can i in layman terms understand that? Am i more focussed or less focussed? Or is it meaningless to look at absolute values and i need to look at the relative mix - As in this case, even though my Delta and alpha has gone up, my alpha has gone up more in % terms and hence in the 2nd time series, i am significant more alpha than in time series 1 (Went up from 30-35% and delta relative value decreased from 42% to 40%).

I do apologize if this has been asked and answered multiple times, but a simple explanation would be much appreciated. thanks again