Interpreting UDP Packets


I have successfully connected to Muse using a UDP Server in Matlab on port 5000. I am receiving UDP packets but I don’t know how to interpret them. They are 50x1, 64x1, 60x1, or 72x1 arrays of numbers that always start with 35, 98, 117, 110, etc. Does anyone know what the format of a Muse UDP message is so I can proceed. Thanks.


The data should be in the OSC (Open Sound Control) format. You should be able to convert it to a structure with the path, timestamp and data using a library like oscmex (


ishag99 - impressive. I don’t suppose you’d consider sharing the basic code for connecting to the Muse would you?





Sure - it’s just a UDP server on a port that you specify, and use the Muse Monitor app for ios or Muse Lab to send messages on that port. For example,
H = dsp.UDPReceiver(‘LocalIPPort’, 5000);