IOS 9.3.5 problems



I use Muse (power symbol version) since more than a month and I am generally pleased with it. I encounter two problems I hope you can help me with.

First, I can only use the default beach soundscape. Trying to download any other causes the application to crash. Is there any way to download the soundscaped externally?

Second, more serious, it seems the bluetooth connection consistency between my Ipod touch 5 (9.3.5) and the muse has deteriorated over the course of a few weeks. I get blink-style drops that prevent the signal quality check to succeed over a period of minutes. Then when it works, I get more and more session interruptions. Both devices are fully charged and the Ipod is plugged in…

Any advice would be super appreciated, thanks

Jf from Montreal


I did a reset and the bluetooth connection seems better.

Still can’t download other soundscapes though.