iOS development SDK


So yep, I just got my Muse this week and have been practicing with Calm. So now I’m excited to try and see how I can integrate the device into my own apps. I see that you’ve got LibMuse as an upcoming release and am assuming that will provide an Objective-C SDK/API to work with the Muse device. Can you confirm that is its intention?

And if you could provide a rough guideline (weeks, months, quarters) on when you currently think it would be made available that would be helpful.



Yes, we will be providing such a library, but cannot give release timelines at this time. However you can get started integrating Muse data into your apps using MuseSDK. You can connect your Muse to MuseIO and send an OSC stream to your mobile device which can then use that data in the app.


Just to update this topic for anyone who might come across it:

We now have an iOS library for Muse, LibMuse, download it here:


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