iOS only receiving Accelerator data


Hi everyone,

For a project I am working on we want to develop a native iOS app which collects data from the muse.
I have downloaded and installed muse-ios 1.2.0 and installed it. Using the MuseStatusIos example app I am able to connect to the muse and receive data.
However it appears that I can only receive accelerometer data.

Within the method:

  • (void)receiveMuseDataPacket: (IXNMuseDataPacket *)packet

I added a NSLog statement :

NSLog(@“data packet = %d”, (int)packet.packetType);

and from this I only see data packet = 0 and nothing else.

Is this functionality (to receive data from other sensors) still in development or am I doing something incorrect?

For additional information I am able to receive other data when the muse is connected to my mac and I am displaying it using the MuseLab

Any help would be much appreciated


You will only receive data for the packet types that you have registered a listener for e.g.

[self.muse registerDataListener:self.museListener type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeAlphaAbsolute];

[self.muse registerDataListener:self.museListener type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeMellow];
[self.muse registerDataListener:self.museListener type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeConcentration];

[self.muse registerDataListener:self.museListener type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeHorseshoe];
[self.muse registerDataListener:self.museListener type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeBattery];
[self.muse registerDataListener:self.museListener type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeArtifacts];


Great! I knew that it was something small that I was missing.
Thanks for your quick reply and help!