iOS Question


So I got MUSE so excited. I have been playing with the lab and going through the data. I keep seeing on the web a reference to the first app is that out yet. Also is there a library so I can get raw data on an iOS device. Im sure that you aren’t done with the SDK’s yet but I wanted to create an app that records sound and the EEG data so I could wear it and record my audio throughout the day to see what my EEG signals are like during different moments throughout the day. Even if you just had the most basic of iOS sdk that would be awesome. Great work guys and thanks.



Hi Jesse! Glad you’re so excited.

The muse you got as part of your Developer Deluxe package is a pre-release prototype, and the pre-release part means we haven’t released the app yet, but it’ll be out very soon.

We’re also working on LibMuse, which is the native code library that will allow you program on iOS and other platforms. For now, you can use MuseIO and send brainwave data over a socket connection to another app.


Hi Jesse,

Just a word to let you know the app is now available at the App Store and Google Play.