Is it possible to live stream EEG data from Muse device to Third party mobile application in CSV format?

I’m currently working on my masters research project based on this Muse 2 device. I have installed Muse Direct app and Muse Lab tools in order to capture EEG data from the device which are in .muse native format. Is there a way to capture and live stream those EEG data to a third party mobile application in CSV format?

Hi Aruni use the app provided by it’s a great workaround solution. Here’s a project I’m working on using the app:

Send me a message of you’re interested in chatting about the configuration settings and I’ll be happy to help.


Thank you for your support.

That’s very cool! :slight_smile: The red line on the spectrogram (at 4 mins into the video), is the Muse picking up the 60Hz mains electricity hum. It won’t affect the other brain waves, so you can just ignore it. You’re probably close to a floor lamp, or maybe the fill light you’re using for the video? FYI, The video is very quiet. I had to crack up my volume to max to hear you speaking, I don’t know if you can fix that now that it’s uploaded already, but anyway, very very cool to see you using my app like this :smiley:

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Hey James! Thanks so much for the feedback and your wonderful app! Yes figured as much re: 60HZ noise. I’ll release some more of my work in the future using your app.