Is Muse 2016 ready for research?



I am interested in buying Muse 2016 for my research project. I found some inconsistencies on Muse’s website
and I am wondering if the following are available for Muse 2016?
a) MuseIO,
b) MuseLab,
c) MusePlayer.

I have already emailed but they redirected me here.



I buyed the Muse2016, the MuseIO dosen’t work but i found an alternative solution to get the signals from my device, i used a mobile application

Muse Lab can’t also work without MuseIO
but there are an SDK to develop your own mobile application


Hi! I was using a Muse 2014 and I installed SDK and I remember it was working.
The muse broke, so I got a new one and it is the 2016 version.

Are you saying that the same SDK and research tools don’t work with the 2016 version of muse??

(just seen it on the documentation :frowning: )

any update about when it will be available?



The Software Development Kit (SDK) to create your own apps in code, works fine with both versions. The Research Tools (Muse Lab, Muse Player, Muse IO) only work with the 2014 Muse because Muse IO only works with the 2014 Muse.

If you want to use the Research Tools with the 2016 Muse, then you have to use something else as a replacement for Muse IO, such as the above app, or Muse Monitor.


thanks a lot enigma