Is MusePlayer standalone?



I am working on a project that has MusePlayer as a dependency and I was wondering if MusePlayer would work as a standalone .exe, without any other files or components in MuseTools installed. The .exe would also be downloaded separately without going through the MuseTools wizard. I’m looking to avoid having the user install unnecessary files.

Thank you in advance!


You may need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable installed.

I think the Interaxon version needs the liblo.dll. Or you can use my version which has all the dll’s integrated.


Thank you for your response!

I just tried using your version in my project and it did not run. I followed the link to your post, downloaded it, ran the uninstaller for MuseTools to remove the files from my computer, renamed the folder MuseTools was installed to and extracted your MusePlayer to that folder (which is a folder in my Program Files(x86) folder). Do you happen to have an installer for your version of MusePlayer, or how would I need to implement it?


What I mean to say is I am looking for a way to allow MusePlayer to be run from the command line without having to install it through the MuseTools wizard; my project opens MusePlayer through the command line, and when I downloaded and extracted your version of MusePlayer my project could not find it.


My Muse Player is just an exe in a zip file, you just unzip it and run it. It’s a command line app, so you can absolutely run it from another program. You can run programs from the command line unless the path to them is included in the system PATH variable. Alternatively, just put the muse player exe file in the same folder as your program and then it can run it from there. It doesn’t need to be in any particular folder to work.


Great! This has been very helpful. Thank you! :slight_smile: