Is neutral bad? How to increase recoveries?


I have some specific questions on using muse to strengthen my weak areas. For instance, I noticed that I am mostly in the neutral/calm state but my recoveries are typically 1 or 2.

Neutral is not a good state to be in. I can notice myself drifting off, but muse doesn’t pick up the recovery. Or maybe I think I recovered from drifting off but I am actually still in “drift mode” if you know what I mean?

Bottom line: recoveries strengthen our focus. How do I develop better recovery frequency while in neutral?


Well, recovery indicates you are developing the strength to reengage after being distracted. That said, if your focus is strong enough, you never get terribly far into distraction. Nothing wrong there, your focus is developed sufficiently that it doesn’t need to work on recovery. Personally, I’d focus on trying to be more in the calm at that point (ie: work on getting more birds).

There’s not really a “right way” here, its just what you want to do. Do you want to be harder to distract from your mediation, or do you always meditate somewhere that distraction level is low? Or work on being more calm? Or even just be happy where you are. Meditation isn’t a competition, it’s a journey.

If you really want to work on recoveries, you can do that by adding distractions. Turning up the volume on the birds a little bit is one way to increase distraction, as their chirps will tend to shift your focus if they aren’t subtle. Trying to meditate somewhere with random bursts of noise or activity (i.e.: near an open window by the street, with an active pet in the room, with young children playing nearby, etc…) can also do it.


Really good response, I’ve found it very useful. I have found I am either neutral or calm but couldn’t see a way to use this to improve. Your suggestions of meditation with distractions near by or trying to get more calm are super tips. Thanks so much for this.