Is there any "debug" information available for Calm


I have analyzed my Muse/Calm usage for the past 2 months and I can definitely show that the neurofeedback is working. The trend in the meditations is towards calmer meditations. However there is a huge amount of variation from session to session and from one day to the next. My suspicion is that a large amount of this variation comes from variation during the calibration for each session. Experiments I’ve done have shown that the active mind that is maintained during calibration is MORE variable (on average) than the calm mind we try to achieve during the meditation. Since the calibration is only 1 minute long, if some “high” activity portions dominate the minute, the meditation session will be more “active” - whereas if the “not-so-high” activity portions dominate the 1 min calibration then the meditation will be “calmer”.

Question: Is there a single number that Calm computes during the calibration period that could be used to understand more of the variation from session to session that I have measured? Is there any way to obtain the value of that number from the session or the cloud database?


These are good questions, and I hope someone from Interaxon will answer them. It’s not clear if the app is using only relative values obtained from the calibration, or if there are any absolute values used to determine whether a user is in a calm state.


I am also interested in learning any morsel about how the calm app does its thing, as i would like to reproduce the same sort of thing in my own nascent apps.


I’m playing with different ways of calibrating. Focusing on objects in categories is still …well, focusing. Calming. Maybe more calming for me than trying to get the darned waves to quiet. :slight_smile: It is a much more meaningful calibration when I do something like my usual active state - like peruse twitter.