Issue Setting Up Muse Research Tools



I am trying to use the Research Tools to access raw data from the Muse Headband. For the record, I have no problem connecting with my iOS device. I was following the instructions here to set up Muse Lab on Windows 8.1 with my Headband:

Things were going fine until I got to step 2 where I attempted the following: “Put Muse into Pairing Mode by holding the button down for five seconds until all five LEDs begin flashing on and off in unison. Release the button.”

When I attempt to complete this step I observe one of the following two:
a) All the LED’s on the headband light up dimly while a “wave” of bright light passes from end to end, as I observe when trying to pair with my iOS device, without holding the button down.
b) When I press and hold the on button for a few seconds, he lights blink in unison once, then turn on and stay on. This will happen regardless of how long I hold the button.

I ignored the fact that the instructions are not consistent with what I saw thinking that maybe the documentation was not up to date. Subsequently, I found the device on my bluetooth settings with Windows 8.1 and saw the following picture:

From here, the LEDs stop blinking and glow dimly the same way they do when I’m properly connected to the phone application. I can even see the device from my control panel named “Muse-0315”.

Next, I attempted to execute step 3 which yielded the following result:

Once again, ignoring that result, I attempted to execute step 4 and type in 5000 to the port number. It simply yielded a blank screen and no messages, regardless of what I do.

If you could point out any error I’m making, or help me resolve the issue, I’d realy appreciate it. I’m excited to start playing around and developing!





From what you describe, it sounds like you may have the newest Muse 2016 headband. Unfortunately the current version of Muse-IO hasn’t been updated to work with the Muse 2016 headband yet.

Does the headband have 1 or 2 micro USB ports on it? Muse 2014 has 2, whereas Muse 2016 only has one.


That’s correct. I actually called customer support and found that I have the 2016 headband but that this limitation can be circumvented with the MuseMonitlr phone application which can then broadcast OSC to my PC and augment that functionality (in case anyone else was curious). Thanks for the reply



Great to hear that you were able to get things working. Thanks for posting the solution.