Issue Setting Up Windows Development Environment


Hi All,

I’m pretty new to developing Windows applications (I just downloaded Visual Studio on my Windows8.1 machine) and I’m running into some issues getting started. I followed the instructions from the “Getting Started” section and tried to run the “GettingData” example program. Everything was going fine until I clicked "run and got the following message

When I attempt to install, I subsequently get this message:

My (noob) questions are:

  1. Should I need an emulator for windows phone? I thought this application was supposed to just run on my local machine.
  2. What are the system requirements/what should I have to do if I want to develop a Muse/Windows application?



You shouldn’t need an emulator to run the sample applications but you will need a Windows 10 machine. LibMuse for Windows uses the Universal Windows Platform APIs which are only available on Windows 10. You will also need Bluetooth capability to connect to the Muse headband.

When running on Windows 10, make sure the launch drop down (next to “x86” in your image) reads “Local Machine” to launch the example locally.