Issues with battery level


In the calm app my Ipad always shows an empty red battery, while the muse itself seems to always have 5 full bars, indicating a full battery. Are five 20 minute sessions enough to completely drain the battery? Because I charged it only a couple days ago and today it turned off in the middle of a session.
Anyone else having this problem?

Headset no longer working after a year and a half

I’ve never see that problem. I’m not sure if you can remove the battery in Muse to reset it. You’ll probably void the warrantee.

I see the Muse manual ( claims [B]27 year[/B] battery life, which is improbable!


The manual says it should lasts up to 5 hours of use, and if you use it 15 minutes a day the battery life could be expected to be 27 years.

We all know that this is never true. I bought my Muse 3 months ago, knowing that I should expect the battery to survive to 2 or 3 years at most. So I would’nt care having to give it to a friend who lives in USA (btw, to where my Muse was shipped to avoid my country’s abusive customs charges), and waiting 2 or 3 months to get it back.

I’m starting to notice that my Muse’s battery is droping much faster now - fully charged, connect to MuseLab and it shows 92%, and after abour half an hour drops to 50%.

I have saved files since the first week and will do some plots soon, comparing the discharge progression at the begining and now … will post in a few days here.

Its unbeliavable why manufacturers still do this. Devices that are sold all over the world should have a battery slot with a cover for easy replacement.
Making money from battery selling is a shame. I could imagine it from those cheap chinese manufacturers (I love chinese people, but not their bosses), but never from a Canadian company, specially because canadian people are well known all over the world for their honesty !

Many countries (like mine) have a lot of customs burocracy, and sending back to the country of origin is not an option - also, many does not have enough market selling to justify having a technical partner in it.

I know I will be losing my warranty, but I’m almost sure I’ll have to disassembly it myself to see what can be done … I’m lucky I’m a graduated electronic engenier, but I know also that this is not enough case the battery is one of those that has a chip in it with proprietary code … there’s allways the option to plug it into a logical analyser, but we never know what we can get.

Let’s see what will happen.


As promissed yesterday, bellow is a chart plot of my Muse’s battery life after two months of use.
I have been recording about 2 hours sessions with MuseLab or Muse-Player, 2-3 days a week.
I believe my Muse’s life will be short – 6 months, perhaps one year if I’m lucky :frowning:

UPDATE: One week more, after new 2 hrs Muse session on Nov/27 2014


exactly having this problem! now 20 min sessions drain the battery to one bar or worse red sometimes … I’m hoping support will resolve this asap!


Same problem here. Muse does not last for one session of 20 minutes. Did you guys get a new one? Replaced the battery yourself? I cant find any instruction for replacing the battery on the internet. Any help is much appreciated.


The best bet is to contact Muse support and open a ticket and see how they respond. I know its the holidays so I’ll do it after. This is what happens to me when I start a 20 min session with a full charge

4 out of 5 bars (fully charged)
5 mins in 3 out of 5 bars
5 mins in 2 out of 5 bars
by the end of the 20 min session its 1 bar out of 5

I just passed 5k minutes and would love to give Muse my continued support being they are a local company where I live (Toronto). So keeping my fingers crossed with tech support.


I to am having the same problem, cant last for a 45 min meditation session.

Anyone get help from support?


I’m running into this problem now as well. Here are some blog posts I came across with a detailed video that shows how to replace the soldered battery in the left compartment:

I’m considering doing this as well. Does anyone have any recommendations on reputable battery suppliers for the Muse?


Some good news to report. After doing some more research, I did end up buying a $6 battery from ebay and installed it successfully – it seems to work! More details in this neurobb thread:


Same here.

I have 2 muse units, 2014 models. Both have issues. One has ear sensor failures and the other has a battery that lasts only 15-20min after a full 3 hour charge.


If you are having battery issues with a Muse 2014 headband, please contact Muse Customer Care at: