Issues with MonitorLab Streaming OSC


Dear all,

I have checked thousand posts regarding my issue but none of them fixed my problem.
When I connect my headband with Muse Monitor all is okay, the connection is started. However when I try to stablish a streaming connection with MonitorLab in my Mac I get no signal.

Here my MuseMonitor screenshot:

Then, I have here the settings of my MonitorLab:

I click “open port” and then the 5000 just dissapear:

I am using my private network and the firewalls are disconnected.

Could someone help me? I have been trying for days checking posts and videos without success.
Please help!!

Thanks a lot in advance


Make sure the stream target IP is the Mac’s Internal network IP address, not your Internet IP.
Your local IP will probably start with 192.168. or 10.


Yes, I filled the Muse Monitor app with the IP I got here:

So the internal one…


Is this a home network? Some university/office networks block all UDP traffic. Can you try on a different Wifi?



Thanks for your help. With my iPhone internet I got a signal in MonitorLab.

So the problem is my home network. Would it be possible to modify or do whatever in order to be able to use it? I would like not to waste all my phone internet haha

Thanks again!


You’ll have to check your router settings and enable UDP traffic. The procedure for this varies wildly between manufacturers, so I’d recommend you email their tech support, if there isn’t an options on/off button for it!