Issue's with OSC data transfer to Ableton/Unreal


Hey Guys!

I’m having an issue with the transfer of OSC data from Muse-Lab to third party applications (ie: Ableton/Unreal).

My address is coming up fine for the channels being outputted but the value is always: for every channel I’m sending from.

Anybody know any information on how to resolve this issue?

I’m using the 2016 Headband


Hi Skyrat,

If you are using Windows 10, you may want to check out Muse Direct. It can connect to the Muse 2016 headband and can send the data directly as OSC to an address or addesses or your choosing.

There is more information available on


I’m using windows 10 and muse direct, I can get the OSC Data to enter software however the data values are all = to 0. How does frequency in HZ equate to values in OSC?