Just an idea... might have already been made


Been using Muse a little while now and I thought these ideas might be useful if they could be implemented into the app.

  1. Silent soundscape.
    The soundscapes are very nice, but it would also be nice to meditate without any sounds at all sometimes.
  2. No headband meditation function with Android.
    I usually use an ipad for muse, but tI keep streaks it would be nice if the no headband option was availabr for my android phone for when I dont have my ipad handy.
  3. Switch off narration with no headband.
    Again to begin the help is nice, but hearing the same thing over and over can feel quite intrusive and there needs to be an option to switch guidance off.
    Would be nice if these changes could be.made…


Hi. I’m a developer and purchased Muse to try to develop apps for the device. I will only be developing for Android and Windows. I came across your suggestions and would like to keep those in mind as I come up with ideas for apps. Would you be interested in providing feedback as I delve into the development?


I would like to add some ideas as well:

  • Allow us to use the muse with musics and personal mantras that are saved on the cell phone.


audio biofeedback by brainwave type, i.e.inducing certain states via biofeedback