LibMuse 5.4.0 for Android and iOS Released


The new LibMuse SDKs for Android and iOS are now available for download. Please visit the developer site, then select the platform(s) you wish to develop for.

The 5.4.0 version is a major update that introduces new functionality and fixes a number of issues. Some highlights include:

  • SDK support for the upcoming Muse 2016 headband.
  • Performance enhancements for Android.
  • Improved logging and error listening functionality.
[B]This version does include API breaking changes.[/B] Please review the release notes for full details.

As always, please post any questions, comments or ideas here on the forum.

Developer site:
Release notes / Change log:


Are download links still available for this version? I know version 5.8.0 but I’d like to download this specific version (for both iOS and Android).

None of the links work anymore.



when I install LibMuse 5.13.0,there would always report an error,saying that"registration failed.please make sure you are connected to the internet".Actually,the network worked well.
Is there any suggestions for this problem?


We use Google Cloud as part of our registration process. If the connection to the registration server is blocked by a firewall, you may also receive this error.