LibMuse 5.8.0 for iOS and Android released

The 5.8.0 update contains one minor API breaking change, addresses critical issues and introduces a few new features. Please note, for time being we do not support the x86 architecture on Android.

Here are the changes included in this release:

[B]Breaking API changes in this release:[/B]

  • Presets 24, 25, AC and AE have been removed. Research presets AB and AD will only emit EEG, ACCELEROMETER and BATTERY data packets.
[B]Features introduced in this release:[/B]
  • ReaderMuse includes new ReaderMusePlaybackSettings which can be used to simulate the playback speed and control the timestamps of the data packets. To make use of the simulated playback speed, you will need to construct the ReaderMuse with an EventLoop to simulate the time between packets. Both Android and iOS have an EventLoop that can be used for this purpose.
  • Muse 2016 (MU-02) headbands that the system has not had contact with for the past 30 seconds are removed from the list of Muses in MuseManager. You will receive a museListChanged event when the Muse headband is removed. The amount of time before a headband is removed from the list can be changed in MuseManager.
[B]Issues addressed in this release:[/B]


  • Registering or unregistering a listener while in a listener callback threw an undocumented SIGABRT. This has been corrected and you may register or unregister listeners while in a listener callback. In the event that you have multiple listeners for a callback, all listeners registered at the start of the callback will receive the current callback. If the registered listeners are modified in the callback, the changes will be applied on the next callback.
  • A system error no longer occurs if the notch frequency is set to NOTCH_NONE on an Muse 2014 (MU-01) headband. Setting the notch frequency to none is not supported on presets 10, 12 and 14 for Muse 2014 headbands. Attempting to set the notch frequency to none with these presets will have no effect.
  • Fixed the issue causing UI lag when attempting to connect to a Muse 2014 (MU-01) headband that was powered off.
  • Clarified the example application with additional comments.
  • The example application was including the EAAccessory and CoreBluetooth frameworks unnecessarily. These have been removed as they were not referenced. You can build an iOS application using just Muse.framework
  • HSI precision values are not available on the auxiliary channels.
  • The API documentation incorrectly listed preset 20 as the default preset for Muse 2016 (MU-02) headbands. This has been corrected to preset 21.
  • The museListChanged behaviour is different on Android and iOS with regards to Muse 2014 (MU-01) headbands. On iOS, you will only receive a callback for each Muse 2014 headband that is powered on and connected to the iOS device. On Android, you will receive a callback for each Muse 2014 headband that is paired with the Android device, even if the headband is not powered on.
As always, please post any questions, comments or ideas here on the forum.

Developer site:
Release notes / Change log:

Registration failed. Please refer to the attached image.

I am currently using libMuse 5.4.0.

Can you please point to live link with LibMuse 5.8.0?
The developer’s website is down.

I’m ok with using Muse v1 for now.


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