Libmuse Android sample app not working


The muse is paired correctly from the bluetooth settings. When I press refresh and connect on the app, the app connects to my muse after some time, then disconnects after a very small time period
It shows the following error in the log:

W/libmuse native﹕ Connection lost (underlying error: std::exception)

Thanks, please help me as soon as possible, I am at a hackathon and am running out of time.


Hey onoeddie,

Your hackathon is probably over by now and you may no longer have a Muse device to use, but I’d like to ask a few questions anyway to get a bit more information:

  • What is your phone model and OS version?
  • What libmuse version are you using?
  • What firmware version are you using?
  • Are there any other messages or warnings in the log?
  • What was the approximate charge level of your Muse’s battery at the time?


it was working smooth on my android phone when it was running on android version 6.0.1 however as I have updated to android version 7.1.1 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a blank screen on the start up and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it?
with regards
viamichelin putlocker


@Miles - could you share a logcat log with the exception stack trace?