LibMuse iOS 1.2.1 Released


Hey there Muse developers,

The latest update for LibMuse iOS includes a number of useful bug fixes. We strongly recommend updating to ensure the stability of your Muse iOS applications.


Class Documentation

Release Notes

The improvements include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused apps to get stuck in an infinite reconnect loop when a device went out of and back into range two or more times.
  • Fixed an issue where the notch frequency was not being properly set for European regions.
  • Fixed a couple of rare edge cases (one on a zero-length read from the OS, and the other on being notified of a Muse accessory being removed without first being added.)
  • Improved documentation in the example app.
Post any questions, comments, and ideas you have here in the forums. Your posts are read by real Muse developers and we really appreciate the feedback and insight.

Tom and the Muse Dev Team


Hi, could you please please release the C/C++ headers for the library, so we can use them directly? It appears you’ve used djinni to wrap what I guess you’ve done in C/C++ with objective-C headers, which is really exactly what we don’t want. If we were to use the library as it is now, we’d then have to wrap it all back into C++ first so as to be able to use it from our C++ code (and then similarly do similar code wrap the library to C++ on other platforms), since our the code that uses the muse library is all in C++ (one simple reason being so that our code too can be cross-platform).

Also we’re really still looking forward to the library finally being released for desktop (and if the headers you release are all just pure C/C++, then it’s easiest for us/others to write code working with the library on multiple platforms, i.e. both mobile+desktop, mac+windows, etc - plus its generally just easier to use C headers from any language (C/C++/obj-c/etc), than to use objective-C/etc headers)


Any chance we can get Cocoapods and Gradle support for the library?



Thanks for the LibMuse iOS 1.2.1 release!

Note, it’s available here:

But that site redirects you to, where the download button links to 1.2.0.

Can you update the link to the 1.2.1 lib on



The SDK is now available through CocoaPods at

pod 'libmuse', '~> 1.2'


CocoaPods support is now available at

pod 'libmuse', '~> 1.2'