LibMuse mailing list/forum topic for notification


I’d like to get notifications about libmuse updates.

Can we please have a sticky thread we can subscribe to for version updates, or a mailing list?
Preferably separate ones andoird/ios/windows etc.


Sure thing! Check it out in the Developer Forum. There is just one mailing list for developer updates at the moment. Separating them out by platform is an interesting idea, though…


Awesome. Subscribed :slight_smile:


Great ! Good idea Enigma,

Many months ago I was going to suggest that there should be an option for us to ask for some threads to be sticked, like this one by Shuang and Farough answers:

This could help many newcomers. Of course it would require the action of a moderator, perhaps to change the threads title (to make it more meaningful) and by removing some irrelevant posts (like my post #20 … it was just a joke and do not contribute, by poluting the relevant contents :slight_smile:

BTW, congratulations for your Android App, I’ve used it a few times getting all upgrades. I will post some suggestions as soon as I get more used to it.



Hey Eduardo,

By all means please let us know if you think certain threads should be cleaned up and stuck! :slight_smile: Always happy to make info easier for people to find. I’m sure I could think of a few good threads that cover popular topics.

Even if we don’t end up sticking certain threads (I don’t want to the first page of the forum to be cluttered with too many stuck topics), this kind of feedback also gives us a really good idea of what we need to flesh out in our official documentation.


Ok Tom, thank you.

I’m gonna take a tour over the threads and will give some suggestions later.

But by now I think I’d better get my mouth [SIZE=16px][B]stuck[/B][/SIZE] for some time :slight_smile: