libMuse Reference for iOS and comments about website's announcement


Hey there everyone!

after plenty of postponing from my part, I’ve finally decided to roll up my sleeves and getting some coding done… when I suddenly saw this jaw dropping notice on muse’s website:

I’ve almost panicked and bursted into tears, not in that particular order. Since I am just a regular developer - i.e., just developing some app for myself - I really don’t know what to do. I managed to save some old installation files from the past on my computer, but would someone somehow have any links, files, repositores, or anything that could serve as a “whole” substitute from the old Muse Developer Website page?

I will be sincerely and and endlessly grateful for anyone who helps - and sorry if this post is too damn stupid or somehow unnecessary!

Thanks in advance!


bump :frowning:


This really sucks, but it sounds like it’s temporary and I think you can email them to ask for the SDK files.


I’ve emailed then and received a link with a password to access the developer site. Unfortunately, the link redirects to the public site.

I’ve been able to find an old version of the site on the internet (will not post the link fearing they would try to kill it). So… happy googling, it’s out there :slight_smile: