Load the Muse Calm, then black screen, and black forever


Hi there. I have no problem to load the Muse Calm on my android system 4.4.4 not until today. I have not changed any setting or updated anything on my system. But it just can not load the Muse Calm today - when I click the app, then black screen comes out, and just black forever. (The tablet is not dead, I can exit the program or do another task simultaneously.) Any idea? Thanks!


My problem is solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.


This problem occurs today again!!!

After I uninstall and reinstall the app, I have lost meditation data for the recent 2 days! So annoying! I think that the reason to lose data is that I did not connect internet recently.

Before this black-screen problem occurs, I noticed the loading time was gradually becoming longer and longer.

Any fundamental solution??? And is there way through which I can retrieve the lost data please? Thanks!


Hi Platypus,

Just to clarify, have you connected to the internet since reinstalling the app?


Hi tom

This problem first occurred two weeks ago. After reinstalling the app, I had been connecting to internet for more than one week. Only on Jan. 22th and 23th I did not connect internet. This problem re-occurred on Jan. 24th. So after reinstalling the app, the data from 22th and 23th was lost. Since then, I always connect internet when I do meditation. However, today this problem occurs again! What can I do? Thanks!


Since today this problem occurred in its 3rd time, in the Android system I clicked “setting”, then “apps”, then “Calm”, and then “Clear data”. After this procedure, the app could be loaded successfully. However, this way also caused me to lose all data and the updated package, so that I had to re-download the 43MB for updating the Muse Calm. :frowning:

I see that this software is quite instable. I wish that in future, for the newer version of Muse Calm, there is a button or option, so that by clicking that button users can manually upload their meditation data to the server, or Google Drive, or hard disk. By doing this, the meditation data will not be easily lost as it did in the current version.


Hi Platypus,

Could you send me the email that you’re using for your Calm account in a private message? We will look up your account and see if we can get some more detail about your situation.


Today, this problem has occurred for its 4th time. Any solution please?


Does force quit help? You don’t have to reinstall every time.


Hi cliff

If you mean in the Android system the button with the name “force quit” appeared in the Setting -> App ->Muse -> Force quit, then no, it does not help and the problem remains. Thank you!


The reason to cause this problem seems a little clearer:
Yesterday, the speed of loading the app was quite slow. And after finishing the loading, on the main menu it said that no internet connection was found, even though I had connected the tablet with WIFI, and I could use WIFI to do Google searching at that time.

Based on my past experience, if the loading the app very slow, then in the next time the black screen problem will occur. And yes, on the next day (today), the black screen problem does occur. And I think that the reason to cause slow loading speed is because the software is unable to find internet connection. Sure, WIFI signal may not be always stable - sometimes the signal can be rather too weak to detect. However, no internet connection should not cause this black screen problem, so this app might contain bugs.


Since that newer version of Calm was released about two months ago, the problem of black screen or freezing when loading the menu had never occurred again. So this problem has finally been solved! Thank you for the Tech Support!


Hi im having the same problem with the last calm version on appstore, and lollipop.