Lost faith in this thing!




Alas. I have had similar experiences. I gave up in February and keep meaning to go back to it, but as I don’t have a clue what it is measuring I just can’t get myself motivated to do so. Personally, I feel it is such a wasted opportunity as the kit itself is beautifully made and I’m sure it is measuring something, but the app and tools make it impossible or difficult to get any real benefit from it that is genuine, i.e. where birds are tweeting because of some positive action and not just because.

Why not have, for example, simple alternative options like an Alpha booster, where you could focus on trying to increase alpha. That might be fun. Maybe there could be a little noise when you increase it by 10%, 20%, or whatever goal you have set.


Yeah, the app is totally useless, broken beyond repair. I’ve had some the deepest meditations and the app is roaring away, or some of the poorest meditations where my mind is thinking all kinds of endless thoughts and the birds won’t shut up for even 1 second.

It’s all about the calibration, which isn’t scientific. There is no possible way you can get into any kind of identical or consistent state when it’s calibrating.

I’m not saying it doesn’t have it’s uses, it’s just not as useful as it could be.

I recommend forgetting the app and just recording the sessions using MuseMonitor from http://www.musemonitor.com $10.

(48 hours or 2885 minutes using the app before I abandoned it a month ago)


I also don’t use the app anymore. The noises are annoying, thats why I use the app without sound. Instead of calming you down its exciting you which results in adrenalin and an even more restless mind. For me the app is absolutely useless and I think this kind of neurofeedback is oldscool. When not finding a usefull app for it I will sell it.