MacOs Developer SDK


Is it still in Interaxon’s plans to release a macos SDK?



I second that question. Is my brand new muse 2016 unusable right now for mac development? Is there an alpha or beta channel to an unstable/limited sdk version?


While you are waiting for the Interaxon tools to become ready, you can use my app Muse Monitor to stream OSC data over the network. You can receive it on a Mac (or PC) using Interaxon’s Muse Lab, or any other program which can receive OSC data.

To set up streaming with Muse Monitor, go to [Settings] -> [OSC Server] and enter the IP address of the server running Muse Lab and simply press the Stream button. Then in Muse Lab, load this muselab_configuration file and it will start graphing your data right away.


Hi there!

I’ve just picked up a Muse headset (2016, annoyingly) and I’m having a little trouble connecting Muse Monitor to my Muse Lab. It appears to be running everything correctly, streaming to computers IP address, matching output/input ports etc but am having no luck with anyone showing up in Muse Lab…

Is there something I could possibly have missed? I’m planning to use this in future with Max MSP and Ableton Live for a series of art installations so a steady OSC stream would be ideal.

Thanks in advance!

  • Make sure that your mobile device is on the same network as your Mac.
  • Check that you don’t have a firewall running that would block the data; either on the network, or the desktop computer.
  • I have seen some University networks which completely block UDP network traffic, if you’re on a University or office network, check with your IT department if UDP traffic is allowed.

If all is set up correctly, you can just open Muse Lab and load my configuration file above, no other configuration should be required. As soon as the config is loaded you should see the data graphing.