Making sense of output, IOS SWIFT



Could someone help me makes sense of this data. I am going by this project, which aims to convert the standard IOS Muse example:

I have the muse headband working, and below is some output:

Alpha: 0.7588260922965838 -0.1175915652563618 -0.006188629872498501 0.9542876127787246 0.6704634970139781 -0.1465159459377361
Beta: 0.3435625317328462 -0.4631082837976766 -0.5334089491856798 0.07060805827618997 0.2410621260335704 -0.8401172914175543
Delta: 1.393884131530775 0.3197824805757093 0.9055682306555199 1.514844203861339 0.5696547683511993 -0.2969877345157785
Theta: 0.5696547683511993 -0.2969877345157785 -0.2073043096622812 0.5673845983747164 0.3435625317328462 -0.4631082837976766
Alpha: 0.7588260922965838 -0.1175915652563618 -0.00959545976753607 0.9542876127787246 0.6701072117879981 -0.1746913996463159
Beta: 0.3372680222735023 -0.4757700052045478 -0.536215017610112 0.09686066735800637 0.2218395182859937 -0.8778782292370857
Delta: 1.399783759084673 0.3534419218955627 0.9250629351389863 1.524079655851458 0.560578522722852 -0.3055755289182146
Theta: 0.560578522722852 -0.3055755289182146 -0.2257895477059322 0.5760769965128807 0.3372680222735023 -0.4757700052045478
Alpha: 0.765594457521201 -0.1175915652563618 -0.01647896969028763 0.9600671910246528 0.6693478029288693 -0.1869452763234647
Beta: 0.343237451084055 -0.485613137018264 -0.5388266277300715 0.1330403599578063 0.2125677393332809 -0.9034799353597155
Delta: 1.403069403186411 0.3801751530251483 0.9365792125486303 1.527939872256317 0.5372831320282094 -0.3148411143635121
Theta: 0.5372831320282094 -0.3148411143635121 -0.2561839506553287 0.5821467386525615 0.343237451084055 -0.485613137018264

I am having a hard time understanding what each column depicts. It would be nice to have some connivence methods that would indicate areas of brain activity like calmness or focus… I believe an older api supported this.

I have done some reading on the various brain wave feedback, but am hoping for something a little less in depth. At least as a starter.

Please Help,


The old API tracked Alpha and Gamma RSP for Mellow and Concentration. You can read about it in the Developer FAQ section under Mellow and Concentration. It was based on this paper My Virtual Dream’: Collective Neurofeedback in an Immersive Art Environment.

They removed Mellow and Concentration in April 12, 2016: LibMuse 5.4.0. The release notes just say it was dropped. When I spoke to the head of development at Interaxon, I was told they got rid of it as they didn’t think it was accurate. Or as it states in the FAQ:

“…because we do not believe they reflect the quality of experience that we would like our users to have.”

If you want to recreate it, you basically just track average alpha/gamma during a “normal” period, then compare it to a rolling average during a “relaxing” period and see if it’s higher or lower.

I’ve implemented these algorithms as a feature in Muse Monitor, but it’s hidden, as I agree with Interaxon that it doesn’t seem very accurate. If you want to test it out, go to the very bottom of the Muse Monitor settings page and tap “Muse Monitor” 10 times to enable it.