Making snapshots of brainstates for comparison



I am trying to make a snapshots of my brain state in different times so I can compare them. So for example what different waves would it show if I have just been to the gym for an hour as opposed to reading for an hour.

I thought about oscdump-ing a 5 min snapshot of the alpha beta gamma etc values. But I don’t really how I can depict them.

Any thoughts?


I’m also interested by this, any news development or useful sharing ?


Hi dammas,

Have you tried using MuseLab + MusePlayer to visualize your recordings? You can replay them from MusePlayer into MuseLab and compare different band powers over time, etc.

It’s also very easy to plot and examine your data in MATLAB or Octave if you record/convert it to .mat format. Of course you can also write your own software to visualize Muse data.