Mat file sensor labels?


I’m recording Muse data with a 2016 headband via Muse Direct on Windows 10. I convert the muse files to MATLAB mat files using Muse Player. When I import the data into MATLAB, I can access the sensor data via the following fields:

However, I don’t see any information as to what sensor (e.g., ‘TP9’, ‘FP1’, ‘FP2’, ‘TP10’) corresponds to which time series. Can someone tell me what the labels of the columns of and are?


Hi David,

You’re right, that information is not currently contained in the MATLAB structure. Their order is actually the same as described here. So TP9, AF7, AF8, TP10 for EEG, and X, Y, Z (see picture here) for accelerometer.



Merci, Hubert!