Meditation data through OSC


Hi, we are writing a windows application that needs to get some value of how meditative a person is. We want to use muse, but there’s no windows API, and are wondering if we could just pull the data from OSC? or some simple calculation of the value from the OSC data that does come through?


Hi Vertgo,

Yes you will be able to get data from OSC. Depending on which muse headband you have, the process is slightly different. If you have a headband with 2 micro usb ports (one on each of the ear sensors), then all you need to do is start the muse-io command line tool. Then your application would just listen for data on the port you’ve specified in muse-io to get the osc steam data.

If you have a headband with only one micro usb port, then currently muse-io does not work with it yet. The current workaround is to use a 3rd party app called MuseMonitor on your iOS or Android device. You connect the headband to MuseMonitor and it has the capability to stream OSC data to your desktop pc or mac.

Hope this helps.


We are waiting for the Windows API since last year.
Meanwhile, if you have not done it yet, you can take a look at Muse Developers site - Developers / Research Tools:

There’s a lot you can do with Muse-SDK for Windows, with C, C+, Java, Python and other developing tools (I did a lot of basic experiments with Python since 2014):

Research Tools - Connect, record, visualize, and analyze.



OSC data is good enough, but which value is a meditation/meditative value? The only one I see is calm and it is “experimental” which to me means it might not be around, according to Tom Hobson here:


Hi Vertgo,

Sorry for the confusion, in my original post I meant you can get the raw EEG data and do your own calculation for meditation. Currently we do not provide values for how meditative a person is. You would need to do your own processing of data and come up with your own algorithms. Hope this helps.



Ah, I read all the docs and saw the osc data for the other things, but when you answered in the affirmative, I figured there was more that wasn’t in the doc, so we went ahead and purchased only to find out there is no straight up meditation value. Is there any such calculation that can be found in the libs or anything? Obviously for the muse apps it knows if you are meditating or if there’s some lack of focus, as it gives realtime feedback



Ah, so nowhere in any of the API’s even the iOS one does it show how to know if someone is meditating or not like in the actual muse ios app, where it changes the sounds you hear based on how well you’re meditating? Is there an example anywhere of the code to make that calculation? Like which OSC value is it?