MFi Product Plan ID for new app



We just finished developing an iOS app at the company I work at that uses the Muse headset. As Muse only connects to iOS devices through Bluetooth, I was under the impression that we did not need a MFi Product Plan ID number. However, I reached out for clarification from Apple, and it looks like we do in fact need this ID number.

According to the reply I received, due to the presence of the UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols key in the Info.plist file and linking to ExternalAccessoryFramework, the MFi PPID is required from the accessory manufacturer. (As a side note, the ExternalAccessoryFramework is not directly linked by our app, so it must be linked/included in the Muse framework?).

What is the process of getting the MFi PPID from InteraXon? I tried emailing, but it was returned immediately.


Email and they will give you the MFI PPID. You can then put this into the “Notes” field under “App Review Information” when you submit the app on iTunes Connect.


Thanks @Enigma644 !
Honestly, it’s the first I’ve ever heard of “MFi”, so I was taken a bit by surprise.