MFi product plan


Hi Muse, once we will finish our application, what is the process of adding it to MFi Product Plan? Without it application will be rejected in the Apple App Store. Thanks, David


Hi Sliday,

You don’t need to worry. Once we release our native SDK we will provide our MFI Number to third party developers to allow their apps to be tested with Muse by Apple.


From Apple:
[h=3]I want to develop an accessory that communicates with an Apple device using only Bluetooth Low Energy. Do I need to join the MFi Program?[/h] [SIZE=12px]No. Accessories which connect to an Apple device using only Bluetooth Low Energy/BTLE/Bluetooth 4.0 or standard Bluetooth profiles supported by iOS are not part of the MFi Program.[/SIZE] [SIZE=12px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]So why do we need an MFi number?[/SIZE]


Muse is using Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, currently.


Hi! This post seems pretty old, but I wasn’t able to find any more information on the MFI number. I have an iOS app I am trying to release to the app store right now and need it for the process. Whom should I contact regarding this? Thanks!