Mismatch in sampling rate




I am saving my muselab recordings then converting them to .csv; then I am running a little python script to extract the different parameters, plot them and saving them to a text file. I am finding out that the supposed sampling rate of 220Hz (I have a 2014 Muse) does not match my files. For a 13 minutes session I get about 8000 samples for each parameter (beta_absolute…) which I believe comes down to about 10Hz. I am not sure what is happening.


Hi Michelez, the 220Hz is for the raw EEG sample rate, but the FFT output updates at 10Hz (it’s a 1s sliding window), so that’s normal. You should see raw EEG data at 220Hz but other outputs at lower sampling rates.


Ah ok, I missed that piece of information I guess. Thanks for the prompt response!