Mobile SDKs


When do you anticipate having the SDKs available for mobile devices to interface directly to the Muse headband? This is a major lack in the Muse system at present, and unless you correct it soon you’re likely to lose your shot at the market.

I’m very interested in buying multiple units of your headbands for a potential application, but until an Android SDK is available I can’t even start developing something. I’m sure there are many competent developers (including myself) who could provide you with assistance in developing the SDK, if you’re limited by in-house resources.


Yes I need Android SDK as well if not also iOS. What’s stopping that from happening?


Hi there,

I apologize that there is no direct iOS or Android SDK available at this time. However you’re more than welcome to implement our sample museioreceivers for iOS and Android.

You can find both of their repos here:

They will allow you to get data from Muse-io via a computer into your applications for initial development stages while you wait for the SDK to be released.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling very ambitious we have released our bluetooth Muse Communication Protocol and if you choose to do so you can connect directly through bluetooth, but the protocol a bit complex.

Best of luck and I hope you have success in your implementations.


Are there mobile SDKs available now? (ANDROID and iOS)