MQTT support


It would be awesome if this device could publish its data to a message broker like mqtt.

Any plans on such a thing?



i working on it, i’ve just adapted the sample android code to forward the eeg raw data in csv format on the broker, is it what you need ? What is your projet ?


Hi @dakiri ,

Any progress on it? I also need to use MQTT to publish EEG data in a ThingSpeak channel.

Thank you in advance.



Hi @Enigma644,

any plan for Muse Monitor to support MQTT?



I hadn’t thought about it, but if people are interested, I could add it to Muse Monitor, sure.


Yes. It would be great. Now, we can only transmit data via OSC, which requires the devices to be connected to the same network. With MQTT we can transmit data over the internet.


@Enigma644 Another way I could receive data in a ThingSpeak channel would be to enable other functionalities of the REST API that Muse Monitor already has built in. Do you think it would be possible to send all data constantly via REST? Here is how ThingSpeak works.