MU-03 and Muse Direct


I have a Muse 2 (MU-03) and I’m trying to connect to Muse Direct on Windows. It seems to detect the device as a Muse 2016 (MU-02) and I don’t see a configuration for MU-03. When I try to connect (toggle the bluetooth switch) it pretty quickly says Connection Failed. I’m using an Asus Bluetooth Dongle.

Is the MU-03 supported in Muse Direct? If not, when can we expect support? If so, how can I get this connected? I downloaded it from the Windows Store because I could not find a place to download it from the website.



From what most people have been saying, Muse 2 (MU-03) is incompatible with Windows 10. It seems to work with Muse Direct on iOS. I’m hoping there’ll be some kind of fix for the Windows 10 compatibility. It’s a big shame.


I do have the same issue.

I cannot get Windows 10 communicating with my MU-03.

I do have Macs as well, but no Muse Direct version for it.

I do gave an iPad, bu can’t get it to it as it is on IOS 9.1 and it is compatible from 11.0

I do have Android phones, but no version for it.

I’ve spent more money on buying other USB Bluetooth dongles, none of them can connect.

Well, this is just a nightmare.

This just stupid that Interaxon did not provide Windows 10 version of MU-03

It is like selling the most advance technology, but only compatible with the oldest Windows versions. Ridiculous.

This is not normal and Interaxon does not have the courage to face it and explain customers what they are doing to solve this and when it should be fixed.

Not communicating is damaging the brand and its credibility.