MU-03 and Muse Direct


I have a Muse 2 (MU-03) and I’m trying to connect to Muse Direct on Windows. It seems to detect the device as a Muse 2016 (MU-02) and I don’t see a configuration for MU-03. When I try to connect (toggle the bluetooth switch) it pretty quickly says Connection Failed. I’m using an Asus Bluetooth Dongle.

Is the MU-03 supported in Muse Direct? If not, when can we expect support? If so, how can I get this connected? I downloaded it from the Windows Store because I could not find a place to download it from the website.



From what most people have been saying, Muse 2 (MU-03) is incompatible with Windows 10. It seems to work with Muse Direct on iOS. I’m hoping there’ll be some kind of fix for the Windows 10 compatibility. It’s a big shame.