Multi-Muse Rename



I want to connect two Muse sensors to one computer with Windows 7.
It seems that I have renamed one sensor to “MuseA” but when i try to rename the other sensor to “MuseB” I can’t find it with:

--device-search "MuseB"

What steps should i follow?
I get something like: [I]Pair again muse sensor immediately.[/I] But it connects itself immediately with the default name before i can go to my Bluetooth settings and pair it again.



Bump. Running into a similar problem; when I try to rename either of my two devices it says “rename operation successful” and tells me to re-pair my device for the change to take effect immediately, but then when pairing, it shows up as “Muse”, and muse-io will only connect to that device name, not the name I set it to. Did you ever find a solution to your problem?


Hey there,

Thanks for the heads up. I’m looking into the issue and I’ll respond here once I have more information.

What firmware version does your Muse have and what version of MuseIO are you using?


hi guys, am not able to execute following command

muse-io --osc osc.tcp://localhost:5000

i have done with pairing the device to my windows 7 laptop.
but am getting the error"Device match pattern: muse Connection failure" when i try to execute above command.
please help me to debug.