Multiple Muse 2016 on Windows or Linux Computer


I’m using multiple Muse 2016 Models and would be interested to stream data from multiple headbands (up to 12) to a single device, preferably a computer running Windows 10. Knowing that the Muse 2016 Headband isn’t compatible with Muse IO and not wanting to use Muse Direct or Muse Monitor (I would prefer a direct connection to my computer as I need a live streaming with the smallest delay possible and it would be nice to have just one computer instead of 12 different Android or IOS Devices) I’m looking forward to code a Universal Windows App on Visual Studio.

Q1) Does the Libmuse Library allow to run multiple devices on a single Computer?

Q2) Is it possible to stream the data of multiple devices in the same Windows Universal App?

Thanks in Advance


I compiled liblo.dll for windows 10
Use liblo version 0.26

I can share it on github but I will not be able to support it.


I think you have asked my question, but to clarify:

You say you wish to hook up as many as 10 or 12 headbands to one Windows PC.

Do you mean having that many people live, wearing MUSE headbands in the same room as you, feeding into one PC? Or do you mean you want to have that many people in their own remote spaces feeding into the one PC (like through Skype or some kind of a group platform)?
My interest is in the latter.
Thanks, Dr. Anne


I mean connecting 12 MUSE headbands to the same computer in the same room.


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