Muse 2 and Muse Direct


Hello, does Muse Direct work with Muse 2?


It sure does!


I mean, beside EEG traces, can I read PPG and Breath (not available in Muse 1 ) too via Muse direct?


Yes, you can see/record/stream all of the new sensor data in Muse Direct.


hi thanks in advance for any help.
looking at the PPG graphs in Muse Direct i noticed it come in three graphs: Ambient, IR and Red… what do they refer to? which one is more likely to give me info about the heart neat peaks?

also i didn’t find a graph for breath sensor, i deduce it is not a ral sensor but rather an algorithm based on the relationship btw the sensor movement and the PPG sensor, could you explain the logic behind that (in simple words is ok too, if the all algorithm is too complicated to be summarized/explained here).

thanks in advance


also i forgot, in the list of the streaming sample paths i can’t find the label for the PPG sensor, is it sent through OSC? it would be very helpfull to have that too… actually is the main reason why i puchased muse 2 even if i had already a muse 1 headband…


I just purchased the dongle recommended on your website to fix the bluetooth connectivity with the dongle that was recommended on your website to connect my Muse 2 to muse direct.

I’ll put the link here:

However, it didn’t work at all. I am disappointed because I was planning on conducting a pilot study with my muse 2 this february but it doesn’t seem to connect at all and there is no way for me to extract the raw data. If there were any apps I could use on my iphone to obtain the raw data, that would be fine too. I feel like the Muse 2 is still very buggy, and I am going to use the amazon refund policy I purchased, or the 90 day back guarantee instead if I can’t find a way to get it fixed… probably will buy a Muse 2016 headset since those seem to work better. Would another laptop potentially work with the dongle? What is the reason for this difficulty? Could it be that I got a fault Muse 2? I know a lot of people are having this problem though…


just want to clarify that my muse 2 is recognized but it always says it failed to connect.


Muse Monitor on iPhone (not Android yet) will connect to the Muse 2 and stream data, but it won’t show the heart rate until Interaxon update the SDK… fingers crossed that they will do that ASAP!

Unless you really need heart rate, then personally I would recommend the 2016 Muse over the Muse-2, as the solid flat heart rate detector placed in the middle of the flexible sensor band makes it much much harder to get a good connection on the right forehead sensor. I can put on my 2016 Muse and get a good data almost every time, but with the 2018 Muse-2 it is a lot harder to get right. I’m hoping they already know this and plan to fix this in manufacturing by putting more of a bend in the flex strip where the PPG sensor is for future production runs…


Same here. Muse 2 is recognized but fails to connect. On Windows, that is. I am quite disappointed, the only thing that works is the eeg on the muse app, but the graph is not very useful. Not sure, what to do. Should I return the device or can I expect Interaxon to fix the issues on the software end? I thought they were legit.


here again… pretty surprised to notice that in spite of the fact that muse 2 has been released there is so little documentation and support for the new sensors/features and in general for those that would use muse 2 for research and not only with the basic muse app…
that said, getting back to my interest in receiving (beside eeg data) heart beat peaks, i notices that muse direct sends out 3 values from the ppg sensor… the ppg IR is the one that better responds to heart beats, but for some reason that i can’t grasp it seems to be affected by the gyroscope sensor… in fact the heat beat wave ‘increases’ al lot if i bend my head forward and vice versa… please muse team can you tell me why is that?


The Muse 2 is junk, with little or no support. I just received my email stating that a refund was not available as I purchased from Best Buy and not their website - I don’t live in a country with a Best Buy to return to.

Muse then sent me a link for feedback on their product!

Hilarious stuff, sadly Amazon UK have blocked reviews on this tripe.