Muse 2 + Dev


Hi, new here. Muse 2 on route.

As a developer with more than a passing interest in neuroscience, I’m keen to see what I can do with my new (yet to arrive) muse 2. Am I looking at BlueMuse + Muse LSL? Any choices for C++?

Reading around, it sounds like the SDK is MIA. Will 6.0.3 support muse 2 but just not the new sensors or is it completely unsupported? I’m mostly just interested in brainwaves at this stage! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,




Muse 2 arrived. Muse direct download not possible and might not work with >2016 headband. BlueMuse crashes before starting stream.

Feeling disappointed but optimistically emailed research in the hope they can help.


I think the disappointment will continue until the SDK update. Be nice to know when this is planned for…